Who do you row for?

its probably on here somewhere anyways so tjhsst

i love the title for your tumblr..haha.. "i play crew", it's sad how often that's said...

haha thanks!

oh the ignorance of non rowers. i once heard some wrestlers discussing how easy it would be to compete in a “crew meet”. it took every ounce of strength i had not to slap them.

My Kind of Paradise: Gimpy Crew :(


#idon’tunderstandwhat’swrongwithme #crying

I get to do rehab for my hip now woohooo

Part of me thinks it isn’t helping, because I hurt more after the exercises. But since they’re meant to strengthen my hip flexors, I guess the pain is my muscles getting stronger. Like the leg press! And the…

Ugh the hurting more after the exercises is the worst part because you know it’s making it better in the long run but at the time it sucks.